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    I’ve been using the hair pomade and the beard oil for about a month now. And I must say these products are awesome. The smell is amazing. The sheen is not overbearing, it is just right. You need to try it to belive it. I highly recommend these products.

    Dave / Pettiquoi
    I love this product, the smell is amazing. I’m mainly using it as a moisturizer not to get waves. I love that it’s not too greasy and a little goes a long way .. can be use for all hair types. Great product!
    Keeps my hair nice and moisture and the price is perfect ! Love how it leaves my hair with tight curls ! I have black and curly hair and this product makes my hair dope ! I would totally buy it again!
    Give it a try!
    Sam Zaizay / Boakai

    After a fairly long search for a good beard oil I finally settled on this one. I absolutely love the product from the scent to the way it makes my skin feel to the increased style-ability and sheen of facial hair. I’m leaving a review now since I’m about to order my first replacement, and I’ve been that bottle for months….

    Yuneec / Yuneec

    Wavee Goddess Beard Oil and Hair Pomade has made such a difference for me!!! It is an absolute MUST HAVE!! The Beard Oil makes my beard feel so soft and it just shines when that light hits it. My wife and daughters absolutely loves the way my beard smells and every where I go I get compliments on how my beard shines and how great I smell. It’s has definitely been a game changer for my beard game for real! The fact that is is all natural and plant based is what sold me at first but what it is doing for my beard, had made me a die hard fan! …

    Porkpa / Tokpa

    I am satisfied with my purchase, I am actually seeing growth in my trouble spots. And it smells great 🙂

    Kiapeh / Tokpa

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