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To Pre-Poo or Not To Pre- Poo?? – Part 2

I started to ponder if I’ve been doing my whole wash routine wrong? But, I also had to consider if my current hair maintenance was working or if it needed to be tweaked a little. After all, my hair did not feel dry and brittle, but it could use a bit more life and vibrancy. […]

To Pre-Poo or Not To Pre-Poo?? – Part 1

Hey Friends! It’s your girl Wavee Goddess, and today we are going to be talking about a topic that some people in the natural hair and wave community are familiar with and some that are not.  Today we are going to be talking about pre-pooing! Yes, that’s right… Pre-pooing. And for those of you who […]


Top 3 things I love about 360 waves

Hey everyone, Its your girl Wavee Goddess and today, I wanted to share with you my top 3 reasons why I love my 360 waves! First, let me just start off by saying 360 waves are just so damn beautiful! Especially when your crown is on point and you get full wave connections and wave definition. […]

Mental Health and Poppin’ 360 Waves

Mental Health Featured Image

Hey everyone! It’s your girl Wavee Goddess and I want to talk to you today about a topic that is important, and one that has been in the media as of late. That topic is mental health. More and more headlines surrounding mental health have been circulating in the news lately. So, I thought it […]

Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

Thinning hair is a topic that affects both young and mature members of the “natural hair club”. It can also affect those who use chemical processes in their hair care routine. This is a topic that is very dear to my heart, as I myself have experienced thinning hair and hair loss. My experience with […]