Finding Your Hair Wave Pattern

DO YOU KNOW YOUR WAVE PATTERN?? Finding your hair wave pattern or wave direction is very important when trying to achieve the ultimate cascade of waves. Knowing, and following, your wave pattern is critical when striving for uniform hair-wave connections. Here are some tips to assist you in determining your wave pattern. These tips can be applied to 360 waves, 540 waves or 720 waves.

  • Know your curl type. This step is important for hair/wave care and maintenance. Knowing your curl/wave type (2-4 with A-C subclasses) also helps in selecting the right products for your hair. It can also give you an idea of what type of waves you can expect.
  • Know your hair porosity (low, normal and high). Porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb and keep moisture. Know your hair’s porosity can also help you pick out the best products for your hair.
  • Observe your wave pattern. This is best done when your hair is wet. You want to start off with shampoo wash and deep condition. During the conditioning phase, grab your brush and start to brush your hair from the crown of the head to the hairline in a downward stroke. Repeat this motion in a clockwise direction.

Pay close attention to the direction of the brush stroke that produces the crispiest waves. You will want to brush the hair in that direction on a consistent basis for maximum wave connection and production. If you consistently brush your hair in the proper directions, you should start to see your hair form waves!

Knowing your curl type and porosity is very important when maintaining your waves/hair and choosing the appropriate hair care products. Observing the direction of your hair-wave pattern, as well as consistent brushing, are key elements to refining and improving your wave game! Be sure to add them to your arsenal of waving techniques. Happy waving everyone!

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