Top 3 things I love about 360 waves

Hey everyone, Its your girl Wavee Goddess and today, I wanted to share with you my top 3 reasons why I love my 360 waves! First, let me just start off by saying 360 waves are just so damn beautiful! Especially when your crown is on point and you get full wave connections and wave definition. The hairstyle then becomes a work of art, a masterpiece that can adorned by all.


Which leads me to the first reason I adore this hairstyle.  360 waves is a unisex hairstyle. Both the ladies and the fellas can give it extra flare by adding color to their 360s, taking their waves to a whole other level. Many different age groups, from babies to ‘silver surfers’, can also wear the hairstyle. The versatility of 360 waves is what I love the most about this wear of haircut.

Wave Adaptability

Even the direction of the wave pattern can be switched up and redirected, which is the second reason I love this hairdo. You could literally turn your 360 waves into 540 waves or 720 waves, by changing the direction you brush and hitting those angles properly. Of course, it takes A LOT of brushing, patience and time. I don’t know another hairstyle that is as adaptable as 360s.


Finally, I love rocking my waves because it allows me to workout without having to worry about my hair. I can rock my 360s, go to the gym and still get my work out on! While this may not be a big deal for the fellas, it is definitely a big deal for the ladies! Some ladies will not work out because they don’t want to sweat their hair out. So, they have to trade improving their physical health, to ensure their hair stays hassle-free and manageable. 


With 360 waves, you don’t have to make that trade off. Once you put on your durag before you work out, you are good to go! So, for those ladies who want to increase their physical activity, but are afraid that their hair will become unruly afterwards, you might want to give 360 waves a try.

I could give a ton of reasons I love this hairstyle. Waving has changed the way I view, approach and manage my hair. Wearing 360 waves has been a confidence booster and has allowed me to express myself through cascading rings of waves.  Wearing my beautiful curls in this way has freed me, in a sense, and for that I am forever grateful.   


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